See into the future with 100% Hypercraft Sunglasses

As we continue to spread our sartorial wings, writing about sunglasses on the cusp of spring is something we’re happy to do. These aren’t your average holiday shades though, but something from the future.

Those with a motocross background will be familiar with 100% as a brand. Its roots date back to the 1980s, when the 100% name graced the equipment of the sport’s biggest names. Now entrenched in more than just that particular sporting sphere, 100% takes lessons learned into new areas, such as the downhill slopes and BMX tracks.

These sunglasses are the type all the #gorp insta accounts are using to style up their tech hooded jackets and to be honest, we’re pretty much here for that. Aside from trend related relevance though, these will do the job they’re built for in a way few others can get near. They’re ultralight and made for a more active wearer. So if you’re planning your summer holiday and know yourself well enough to realise 2 weeks by the pool will drive you mad, these would be a good investment. Not only will they protect your eyes from the sun, but also anything that mad quad bike you’ll inevitably hire kicks in your face, too. As their motto states Feel Nothing. See Everything.

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