SET x Aiguille Alpine Equipment Bag

I’m never quite sure what to call these bags. We can all crack a joke about fanny packs and bumbags, but I think I’m going to refer to this one as pouch pocket. Or maybe a pocket pouch? Or maybe I’m straying too far into euphemism territory again.

Maybe I’m just focusing on the wrong thing. After all, the name doesn’t matter if the product ain’t all that. Thankfully, this one is all that. Aiguille Alpine are one of those companies you’re glad still exists. Based in Staveley in the Lake District, they still make everything themselves on site and while they’re not resistant to trends and fashion, they’re not chasing after them. That’s why hook-ups with people like Set are nice to see.

Set are based up North too, but over in Teesside. They donate 1% of their profits to the 1% for the plant thing, which is nice isn’t it? They also make a nice collection of clothing and general accoutrements, all of which just look considered, well made and well priced.

All in all, exactly the kind of thing we like here at Proper.

Check it here.

Mark Smith

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