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As ever, the tone of our curated round-ups lean heavily on meterol… meteorlogo…the weather. With this in mind, and the fact a small but valued portion of our readership are in possession of a thinning bonce, we wanted to highlight some hats with which to repel the rays of sunshine this summer. All available right now from Liverpool’s SEVEN. Is rite.

Satisfy Rippy Trail Cap
Short peak, lightweight, ideal for running, which is handy given Satisfy is a running brand.
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ROA Technical Cap
A stealthy staple with a flat peak, which when you think about it sounds like an oxymoron.
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Sealson AC-C03 Running Sun Cap
A nice looking hat, this comes with an additional, adjustable, auxilliary, ace visor. Kind of like a neck curtain.
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Awake NY Logo Cap
Nice, simple cap with a chunky embroidered logo.
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Brain Dead Wire Brim 6 Panel Cap
Contrast stitching and the Brain Dead logo front and centre. Smart one, this.
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Noah Recycled Denim Cap
One of a range of coloured denim caps, this is the sort of thing Noah always do so, so well. Classic, sporty, heritage yet still pretty contemporary.
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thisisneverthat T-Logo Cap
One of a range of brands that has emerged from Korea in recent years, this is another really basic yet nice looking cap.
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