Seven from SEVEN – Lightweight Jackets

You’re used to our Six of the Best aren’t you? Well, now they’ve just got slightly better, with this new series shining a light on stuff stocked by our friends where the Mersey meets the sea, at SEVENSTORE.

For our first foray into their extensive range of impressive outerwear, we’ve selected a septet of smothers that are suitable for spring. In no particular order, here they are.

Purple Mountain Observatory Padded Water Repellent Jacket
Still a relative new kid on the block, PMO has politely elbowed its way to the forefront of our ‘wants’ list.
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The North Face X Special Projects X Undercover Packable Light Jacket
In the game for several generations now, TNF knows its onions. And by onions we meat jackets. There’s a pun about layers there but can’t quite connect the dots.
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66° North Vatnajokull Softshell Jacket
You know a clothing brand is seriously sturdy when it comes from Iceland. When that gaff is cold, it’s cold, apart from when it’s really warm, what with the old volcanic disturbances. Either way, this brand is one you can trust.
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South2 West8 Boulder Parka
This pattern is like something a tiger would wear to play paintball in. If that doesn’t convince you to buy it, nothing will. Imagine a big cat popping paint caps.
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Beams Plus Mil Smock Jacket
The simplicity Beams Plus employs when making its attractive outerwear is something to behold. Nothing complicated, nothing there that shouldn’t be, just function, form and usually a really nice colour.
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Brain Dead Military Cloth Smock Jacket
Brain Dead broke the mould when it comes to fashion brands. They are not affiliated to any particular sport, audience or pursuit, which means they can do something really military-looking without anyone thinking they’re into war and stuff.
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GOOPiMADE N7-1K Mountain Parka
Another newish brand to find its way into our consciousness in the last few years, this angular, well-thought-out piece does what it says on the tin.
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