Seven from SEVEN – Trainers for Trips away

Despite what the calendar says, it always feels like June marks the beginning of real summer, and with it comes that age-old tradition for getting new garms. Can’t be taking to the beach looking like you live in a bin, can you? If you can’t be at your best, with your fresh trim and reassuringly expensive footwear on holiday, when can you?

New Balance 860V2 Northern Light Pack
Everyone went a bit crazy recently here in the UK when the Northern Lights were quite a bit less Northern than they usually are. As someone who has been to Iceland and seen nothing, seeing them in Stockport was quite the trip. Anyway, I’m considering getting a pair of these to mark the occasion.
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Salomon S-Lab XT-6 Sneaker
There’s a hint of retro about this colourway, despite the shoe being very much ‘now’. And yet, despite the current popularity of Salomon, this first came out in 2013. Make u think.
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Hoka Mafate Speed 2 Sneaker
Hoka is your muscular mate, which is almost the same name as these trainers, the Mafate.
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ON Cloudmonster Sneaker
Pretty Scouse these. Fitting given you can get them from Seven Store.
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adidas Originals Samba by Wales Bonner
Oh, now then. While SPZL does the box ticking for the legacy fans, the Originals range continues to resonate with a different demographic, hence the Samba still being the shoe of the moment. Pretty mad how adidas is able to roll out its star players every few years. Stan Smith, Gazelle, Samba… what next?
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adidas Originals Hamburg
Can imagine these being popular at Ibrox, even allowing for the light shade of green. Rangers and Hamburg are still mates aren’t they? And you know, Orange.
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Nike Air Max 1 87 Sneaker
This classic shoe comes in a summery shade. Remember when the air bubble twisted people’s minds? Great days.
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