Seven Smocks for Autumn Adventures

If there’s a piece of outerwear we’ll always hold dear it’s the smock. Whether worn in the traditional military sense over several layers, or more of a regular fit, there’s something distinctly autumnal about this classic jacket style. We’ve scratched the surface of some of our favourite web retailers to share some that took our fancy.

Soundman Lex Smock
Despite being based in Japan, Soundman is the culmination of lots of combined experience in the fashion industry, including spells in the UK, where the word ‘sound’ permeated deeply enough to stick and eventually provide a name for this proudly lo-fi clothing brand.
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Nigel Cabourn Strap Smock
The king of military clothing surely knows plenty about the smock, including the various versions used for different settings. This overhead smock borrows inspiration from the anti-chemical smock parkas worn by the US Navy during World War 2. 
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C17 Jeans Patch Smock
There’s always room for something a little bit off-piste isn’t there? Especially when it’s got a nice patchwork pattern like this. Good price, too.
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Pop Trading Company Hooded Half Zip
Although we tend towards the word ‘smock’, a synonym often used is ‘popover’. Perhaps that’s more apt here.
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Armor Lux Water Repellent Smock
Despite making a name for breton striped garments, Armor Lux have slowly established a rep for very reliable, affordable outerwear such as this. Minimal branding and a focus on quality and vfm.
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Hikerdelic Conway Smock Jacket
We’ve got a brand too. We don’t talk about it too much on here, for fear of accusations of nepotism. But sometimes we can’t help ourselves. This is something like the 22nd version of our Conway jacket and it comes in a brand new colour and a micro-ripstop fabric.
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Soundman Raphael II Jacket
We finish as we started, back with Soundman, and as traditional smock style as you’ll find, cut to fit comfortably over other layers. Gorgeous.
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