Seven Smothers for Seasonal Sojourns

Try saying that title with a Werthers Original under your tongue.

Roughly translated into a non-alliterative phrase it just means coats for wearing on your autumn walks. We’ve collated, collected and colluded with some of our favourite retailers and brands ahead of the impending temperature reduction. Here’s our magnificent seven. Ask us tomorrow and it’ll be different, but today? Today it’s these.

Fjallraven at Yards
Yards have access to a stellar range of Swedish outdoor gear, including this Vardag Anorak. Doesn’t get more autumnal than this in our very honest opinions (IOVHO). P.S Vardag is the Swedish word for ‘Everyday Life’.
Take a closer look in store or just buy it online here

Nanga at Outsiders Store
See, the whole point of these round-ups is we do a load of browsing around the web to find things you might like. And that decision as to whether you agree with us is only partly to do with whether something is nice or not. Nanga are nice. The fact this Takibi Mountain Parka is actually half price at the end of SS22 makes it a lobotomy purchase. AKA A no brainer.
Get it here

Heresy Fresco Overshirt at Urban Industry
Not a jacket, but also not a shirt, even if its name suggests otherwise. An undervalued and very necessary item for any AW wardrobe, the overshirt needs to be given the respect its due. Whether this racy number from Heresy helps that cause is down to your own personal tastes, but you know what, we like it.
Get it here

Carhartt at Fresh Store
If you listen to that fashion bore who thinks they’re your friend, they’ll tell you this season is “so pattern heavy rn”. You’ll nod, agree with him reluctantly then roll your eyes as you walk away. He’s right. You wish he wasn’t, but he is. Look at this season’s take on the Carhartt Michigan Jacket for example. It looks like the carpet in your favourite pub and for that reason, we implore you to buy it.
Get it here

Rains at Wellgosh
Well-priced, waterproof and a smart silhouette, the Great Danes at Rains know about weather. All wardrobes are happier places when there’s one of these hanging around, looking ready for the downpour.
Get one here

Pop Trading Oracle Jacket at Pop Trading
Like something a skateboarding harlequin would wear, this technical, ripstop, waterproof shell jacket is the type of thing everyone spending any time outside September-March should own. It’ll keep you dry while ensuring nobody questions your ongoing place at the head of the top table, style-wise.
Get it here

Arc’teryx at Outsiders Store
This lightweight beauty will enable you to both stand out and (to a degree) fit in. Everyone is wearing Arc’teryx atm round here and it’s no bad thing. A versatile all-rounder for the colder months, you’ll return to this one again and again, or at least until your shit mate calling you ‘a banana’ gets tired. You know the one.
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