Seven Socks for Spring

In a subtle break away from our usual lists of six items, we’ve decided to compile a list of seven socks for spring and indeed summer, if you like. That’s 14 socks in reality, which is roughly the amount of socks you can fit in an average sized drawer. That’s according to research conducted by the Sock Marketing Board of Great Britain. Ok, we made that up, but it could be true so on that basis, let’s proceed.

Anonymous Ism Light Slub Crew Sock Green Melange
Ideal for gardening in. You’re kneeling on a small mat, tending to your roses with your green fingers. You’re wearing Birkenstocks which shows off your green feet.
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Ayame Stained Glass Sock Red
Ideal for office nights out. You’re understated, you’re wearing muted colours but wait, what’s that? A flash of dark, deep, red in your ankle area? You bet. You’re showing your hidden depths.
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Chup Socks Firande Indigo
Ideal for walking a demanding canine. Getting a puppy was a great idea but you didn’t check the breed. As a result you’ve not got a walking, barking, defacating machine that needs tiring out on a daily basis. This means your feet require care. Chup takes the load.
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Rototo Chunky Ribbed Crew Socks ‘Tie Dye’
Ideal for winding up reserved relatives. Take your shoes off at the door, they’ve “just had a new carpet put down”. Except it’s not new as such, it’s been in place for 18 months but still looks brand new because they vaccum it twice a day and insist you don’t walk on it with a dirty shoe. Instead you walk on it in these. “Spilt some bleach on your socks?” they quip. You hate them. Absolutely hate them.
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And Sox Support Pile Ankle Socks Blue
Ideal for wearing while attending house viewings. You’re looking to upgrade, you need another bedroom. You’re a high powered executive who has to tow the line sartorially during the week, but here you are, looking to expand into a larger home. You’re wearing these and it makes you feel important.
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Anonymous Ism Camo Crew Army
Ideal for pretending to be an army man. You’re at paintball, thinking these would be fitting but nobody is bothered really.
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Anonymous Ism 5 Colour Mix Crew Sock Bordeaux
Ideal for pretending it’s still autumn. Yeah, that’s it really. Nice aren’t they?
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