Seven Sweatshirts for Summer

We’re in the early throes of summer, a time when everyone rushes to expose their pallid flesh and soak up that sweet Vitamin D. This ain’t Barbados though, it’s Bradford, Braintree and Bodmin. As such, an extra layer in summery hues is always worth having within easy reach. We’ve picked out seven items that fit the bill for this particular purpose.

Stone Island Marina Hooded Sweat
Like a bottle of Sunny Delight in Sweatshirt form, this is the standout sweatshirt of summer. It’ll cost you a pretty penny but as with a lot of this gear, you can wear it to death then sell it on when your winter weight kicks in and you need a new coat.
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Lacoste Relaxed Fit Brushed Cotton Sweatshirt
Few things say summertime more than a pastel pink sweatshirt from perennial French casual protagonists, Lacoste.
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Carhartt WIP Chase Sweatshirt
Another pastel shade here from Carhartt, who have taken the whole concept of minimally branded basics to another level. Here is more evidence of said fact, your honour.
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Moschino Underwear Bear Sweatshirt
A slight departure from the norm for us this, but if you’re not down with the idea of a mint green sweat with a teddy bear on the chest, then frankly I’m not sure we can be mates anymore.
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Stone Island Sweatshirt in Pink
Another pink item from the kings of eyecatching casualwear. This is the sort of thing you’ll see loads of this summer, swear down.
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A.P.C Item H Sweatshirt
A slight marl version of a powdery, baby blue sweatshirt from French brand A.P.C.
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Paul Smith Colour Block Stripe Sweatshirt
Like a fruit pastille ice lolly, this couldn’t be more summery if it was on a stick, melting around your hand as you slurp it away.
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