Seven things you didn’t know about… Australian

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  1. The brand first appeared in the early 1960s as the tennis division of Italian Ski-wear company L’Alpina Maglierie SporCve S.p.A which itself was formed back in 1946.
  2. To reflect the dominance of Australian players in the tennis world such as Rod Laver and Ken Roswell the brand opted for the name Australian as well as using a Kangaroo as its logo.fabbrica
  3. Since day one and to this day the brand still manufactures all it’s products in Italy.
  4. Australian was at one point during the 1980s the most highly desirable label amongst British football casuals due to being incredibly hard to find as well as their unique ‘pop off’ sleeves.fullwidth-1

  5. In 2006 Peugeot released Australian versions of their 307 and 407 models, check out the advert here.
  6. In 2011 they released a special edition polo shirt that came freshly packaged in a carton of milk.
  7. Australian has sponsored an impressive role-call of tennis players which includes: Ivan Lendl, Eddie Dibbs, Hana Mandlikova, Elena Sukova, Anders Jarrid, Tomas Smid, Andrei Cesnokov, Paolo Canè, Goran Ivanisevic, Petr Korda and Jiri Novak.



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