Short Sleeved Shirts for Summer

It takes a certain something to put on (and indeed pull off) a short-sleeved shirt. If any shop out there can put together a little collection of said garments in a convincing way it’s probably Oi Polloi.

As someone whose bay window has grown to impressive levels in the pandemic, I need to be careful to avoid looking like a darts player and/or Brian Wilson when donning the short-sleeved shirt. The latter sounds cool but I’m talking Brian at his biggest, and indeed lowest. Not a good look, for me. Even if I am at a similar juncture myself.

The fightback to fitness commences tomorrow and with this in mind I’ve got a window towards the end of summer when one of these beauties from Universal Works, Beams Plus, Corridor, Y.M.C and Satta will be coming home with me.

See all short sleeved shirts at Oi Polloi now.

All shirts on offer can be viewed here.

Mark Smith

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