Six Eight Seven Six x Cash Ca Capsule Collection

We’re big on using alliteration here at poetic Proper. Sometimes it’s not easy but occasionally this stuff writes itself. Take Six Eight Seven Six x Cash Ca Capsule Collection for example. Perfect.

It’s obviously much, much more than that though.

The pics tell their own story so we’ll not bore you with too many words. You know what you’re getting in any case.

But suffice to say this is made in Japan, fully functional outerwear with taped seams etc. It’s the second season of the collaboration and the designer Kazuki Kuraishi has reinterpreted classic 6876 styles in his own vision.

Photoshoot by Neil Bedford with able assistance from super stylist Glenn Kitson.

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Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.


  1. Where is this collection available from as the site is not up at the moment

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