Six of the Best – Big Logo T-Shirts for Summer

These round ups were always meant to bring together our favourite items from various brands and retailers, but a little poke around the Terraces website revealed a lot more than six tees we’d love to don this summer. As a result we’ve chosen half a dozen from there, or rather here.

Lacoste XL Croc T-Shirt
In these days of social media, what a brand represents can be express through more than just a logo, but when that logo is Lacoste, the old rules apply. It’s a mark of quality that the wearer is a snappy dresser, which is obviously a very poor crocodile (or alligator) pun.
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Alpha Industries Reflective T-Shirt
Founded in 1959, this brand remains a family-owned business. It began in Tennessee, making military wear, and its roots remain firmly in that sphere.
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Belstaff Signature T-Shirt
It’s fitting that Terraces have such an extensive collection of Belstaff, the brand having been founded in their own Stoke on Trent.
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Berghaus Graded Peak T-Shirt
A less obvious but nevertheless striking execution of the Berghaus logo.
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C.P. Company Logo Label T-Shirt
Preferring to use the small lens as its logo these days, it’s worth remembering this iteration, with it’s jagged stitch is arguably more logo-y than anything on the arm. This printed version is big too, statement making, even.
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Fjallraven Arctic Fox T-Shirt
Another unobvious affectation of the brand logo appears here, with bold front print on an earthy tone tee. What’s not to like?
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