Six of the Best – Bucket Hats for Festival Season

Arguably, festival season is a time for leaving your best gear at home and dusting off those trainers that have been encrusted with mud in the garage for 3 months. Likewise, headwear is prone to falling off your head around the same time as your own head falls off due to your indulgence. But we here at Proper aren’t particularly prone to doing things by halves, so when it comes to headwear, we’ve chosen six of the best bucket hats you can perch atop your bonce as you slowly lose your sense of reality in a field, listening to music you’d ordinarily turn off. It sounds better at a festival for some reason…

The Canadian brand is very much having its moment in the sun, which makes this bucket hat all the more fitting.
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Always looks like a heavy home defeat for the South, this. Started very well but the keeper getting sent off didn’t help and the second half collapse was inevitable.
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You could wear your gimmicky bucket hat, with your Oasis logo or your paint splatter, but none will give you the same sense of smug self-satisfaction as this Japanese beauty.
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Pop Trading Company
When does a bucket hat cease to be a bucket hat? This skirts very close to the edge in my view. It’s more round at the top, for example. Imagine a bucket that hat a round base. Pointless. None of this takes away from the fact that this is probably my fave on the list.
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Vans x Doable
This one makes the list purely because of its reminiscence to Back to the Future 2, and if you need me to explain in any further detail then frankly, shame on you.
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Brain Dead x Sergio Tacchini
Brain Dead is a funny name for a brand when you think about it. But unlike Sergio Tacchini, you know where you are with it. Nobody fully knows whether it’s “tackeeny” or “tercheenie”. I go with the former and I’ll have a right sort out with anyone who challenges this. Mainly because if I’m wrong, I’ve been wrong for many years and I couldn’t cope with the embarrassment.
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Mark Smith

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