Six of the Best – Chocolate Brown Trainers

We’re getting increasingly niche with these product round-ups, but that’s how you like us isn’t it? And anyway, in this case we’re not scraping the barrel so much as scraping the bowl. Inspired by the latest Nike x Tom Sachs General Purpose shoe release in rich chocolate brown, we thought we’d pull together some alternatives for those of you who either missed out in the raffle or simply refused to entertain such a rigmarole. Whisper it, but some of these might even be nicer.

New Balance 580 in Mahogany
I always confused the words Majogany and Monogamy. Maybe I should just combine the two and commit to this one pair of trainers for the rest of my walking life?
Get them at Aphrodite here

Nike ACG Lowcate
I’ve got a pair of these on right now and they’re great. Also, they’re in the sale at Size?
Stop reading now and get your pair

Mephisto Rainbow
Not strictly trainers, but hey, who’s counting? Not me. Plus, they’re not as multicoloured as their ‘Rainbow’ moniker suggests either. They are well nice though. Lovely suede.
Get them at Oi Polloi here

KARHU Fusion XC Aztec Jet Black
Ok, so I’ve already written about these but as me if I care and I’ll tell you that no, I don’t care. I like them and can tell you about this on multiple occasions.
Get them at Fresh here

Hoka Clifton L at Size?
Ever seen that instagram account showing Mars? These remind me of that. You should check it out, then check these out tbqhwy.
Get them here, too.

adidas Gazelle at Aphrodite
That contrast between straight up milk chocolate and a flurry, grainy suede has us in mind of a digestive biscuit, which is a nice way to the end round up really, isn’t it?
Get these from Aphrodite.

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