Six of the Best – Autumn Collaborations

As brands continue to try and cross-pollinate via healthy relationships with each other, we thought we’d throw a few recent link-ups your way.

Gramicci x Brain Dead
Two brands which regularly occupy the winners rostrum in our eyes have come together and it’s exactly what you’d want from said brands. Brain Dead largely make stuff that this 44 year old father of three can’t really pull off anymore. Gramicci is more muted. The two together tempt me to extend that overdraft and plunge myself in.
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Admiral Sporting Goods Co. x Mundial
Ok, so let’s declare a slight bias here. We were involved in the formative moments of both of these entities so it’s nice to see them working together. While ASG was a 2 year project in which we were heavily entrenched, Mundial was a fleeting involvement in their first issue. That said, if this t-shirt wasn’t very nice, we wouldn’t be saying anything. It is though, so we are.
Get it at ASG here

Stone Island x New Balance
The gradual guidance of Stone Island from the ugly side of football to the wholesome side of the game shows serious skill. Having undoubtedly been carried to prominence by label-obsessed big coat wearers in the 1990s terrace landscape, they’ve somehow managed to acknowledge the role of football in their growth without touching on anything unsavoury. Instead, two English players who represent the growing diversity on the pitch and in the stands have been chosen to wear these boots.

Noah x Barbour
This is what Sting was singing about when he crooned about an Englishman in New York, probably. Yes, it was released in 1988, a full 34 years before Noah and Barbour came together but that’s just details. Interestingly and extremely tenuously, 10cc’s Godley and Creme released a song of the same name in 1979. 10cc of course recorded the bulk of their work in Stockport’s Strawberry Studios, just a few miles from where Noah co-founder Estelle Bailey-Babenzien lived as a child. You’re not interested in this of course, you just want to look at nice pictures of coats. Luckily, they’ve got that covered too.
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END. x Goopimade
Goopimade sounds like a milkshake brand and aside from the obvious attractions of the Taiwan brand, this is perhaps my favourite thing about it. Its name. Their link up with End on this special project is lovely.
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Flower Mountain x Hikerdelic
You’ll allow us a little self-indulgence won’t you?
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