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Let’s not pretend we’ve not all got a little bit out of shape over winter? Ok, some of you are blessed with good genetics and others amongst you are fine with the idea of running for an hour a day to stay healthy. But the rest of us? Uber Eats and Deliveroo are the dual devils on our shoulders and those dark nights when it’s wet and windy? Running anywhere when you’re not even in a hurry? Nah, mate. Nah.

But here we are contemplating the t-shirt months and thinking “best stop eating badly and do some exercise” so here we are. It’s a mindset that can be aided by upping your gear game and making sure any hot and sweaty working out is done in a degree of style you’d otherwise struggle to attain. Just as we use hiking as an excuse to wear a mad jacket, let’s use the gym as reason to own some seriously special sportswear.

Salomon XT6 Trainers – Laurel Wreath / Lily Pad
Got to start with the footwear. In truth, if you’re doing any serious running it’s best to do all that stuff regarding your gait and get fitted for something that supports you best. However, if you’re just going to do the odd park run and want something you can wear on the daily, these fit the bill.
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Satisfy Batik Justice Unlined 5″ Short
For those times when those St Etienne Away shorts you wear for five a side will no longer cut it. You’re regularly bashing out 10km runs now and feel the need for something specifically running-related but suitably suave and individual. Satisfy are here for you.
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UrbanEars Boo
Made with 97% recycled plastics, including bottles, air conditioning units and something they call “other junk”. Having sampled these we can attest to their quality, comfort and sheer necessity when in the gym. Who wants to listen to the latest awful Ed Sheeran collaboration when you can put your pretentious playlist on and cancel out whatever the gym are force-feeding you?
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Gramicci Beach Cap
Should you find yourself with a strong desire to eschew the monotony of the gym and instead hit the streets, particularly as the temperature begins to tentatively rise, this is exactly what you’ll need. Not only will it do what other baseball style caps do, and keep the sun out of your eyes, it’ll do so while allowing your head to breathe, thanks to the mesh segment at the rear. Most importantly it’ll act as an additional layer of disguise for you, as you avoid being seen by workmates in a state of sweaty distress.
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Kavu Canvas Spectator Bag
Make no mistake, this isn’t for you to wear while on the step machine, more something to place within easy reach, as your need for a massive blast of ventolin becomes urgent. If you’re travelling to the gym relatively light, you’re still going to need something in which to house your house keys and keep your cash card.
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Snow Peak Titanium Aurora Bottle 800ml – Blue
Made from a single piece of lightweight titanium, this bottle is reassuringly expensive and designed to last a lifetime.
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