Six of the Best – Footwear for Autumn

It was at the Autumn Equinox last week. This means it’s time to give that wardrobe a little dig in the ribs, just to get its attention, before refreshing the rotation, chiefly in terms of outerwear and footwear.

With this in our minds, it’s time to freshen up those feet. We’ve decided to share six shoes we can see ourselves sporting this season.

Astorflex at Fresh
As covered elsewhere in these pages, but we like them so much we thought we’d mention them twice. Reminiscent of our own Hikerdelic’s collaboration with Barbour a few years back, this is two of our fave Italian clothing institutions coming together to create something really very nice.
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adidas Hyperturf Adventure at Aphrodite
Like something Darth Vader would play short tennis in, these Gorpy trainers are right up our rue, as they say in France.
Get them at Aphrodite, like we’ve already said

Clarks Desert Trek Hi at Oi Polloi
I love a Desert Trek. I like a Wallabee too. But you know the only thing better than both? That’s right, it’s the boot version of them. This Desert Trek Hi might not be the most practical for puddles but who cares about practicalities when they look this good?
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Salomon at Fresh
If those adidas efforts above look like Darth Vader’s favourites, these Salomon are what his stormtroopers receive as general issue training kit. Probably taking these weird references too far but it’s been written now.
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New Balance at Aphrodite
No footwear round up is complete right now without a reference to Flimby’s finest. This is just another example of New Balance getting things righter than right. Again.
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Yogi at Aphrodite
Remaining with those North East nice guys at Aphrodite, this new release from Yogi is possibly the pick of the bunch in this round up. Retaining the comfort and luxury of their normal suede footwear, yet built with a chunky sole and leather in the right places, it’s a belter pair of shoes, as they (I think?) say up there.
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