Six of the Best – Gloves for Winter

A short hop to the shop revealed we’re not too far away from actual cold weather this week. It therefore felt appropriate to have a little dig about our favourite online clothing retailers and find a little selection of gloves to share. Six gloves, or rather six pairs of gloves, so twelve actual gloves in total. #maths

Elmer Cover Down Mittens
To be honest, there was only one place we could really start when writing about gloves and that was Elmer. Elmer are to gloves what hoover (or Dyson?) are to vacuum cleaners. In fact they’re so steeped in handwarming history, they hail from a town called Gloversville in New York State. These are like sleeping bags for your fingers.
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Patagonia Retro Pile Gloves
How comfy do these look? Don’t say anything, the answer is well comfy. Well priced too.
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Hestra Basic Wool Mitt
If you’re smitten with the idea of a mitten and want to remain warm, not frost-bitten, look no further than Hestra. Found in 1936, in Sweden, this brand know how to keep your digits temperate.
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Moncler Classic Logo Knit Gloves
There are a few ways to keep your extremities from freezing this winter. You could perhaps place your hands in your pockets, for one. You could also do a lot worse than place yourself in the hands of Pockets. They stock these Moncler gloves.
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Carhartt WIP Watch Gloves
Currently reduced (in price, not size), these are an excellent option for your everyday glove game.
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Polo Ralph Lauren Merino Wool Gloves
A softer, more luxurious feel than your basic wool gloves, these are the sort of thing that would keep you from being voted off Glove Island, if Glove Island was such a thing.
Get them here. Sorry about saying ‘Glove Island’.

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