Six of the Best – Gramicci T-Shirts for Summer

You know a brand is doing something right when you could dress in it from head to toe and not feel like you look weird. Gramicci are known and respected for their trouser work, but their tees consistently hit the heights too. With that in mind we thought we’d recognise it by selected six of our fave and sharing what we like about each of them with you.

Gramicci Outdoor Specialist
Like the uniform of some sort of suave climbing centre, this Outdoor Specialist tee is borderline boastful, in a good way.
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Gramicci Oval T-Shirt
No messing about here. This Gramicci tee is more of an understated brand carrier than a statement maker.
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Gramicci Class 5 Tee
Again with the proclamations of being really good at nature, this tee depicts the frenetic practice of white water rafting (we think?).
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Gramicci Peak T-Shirt
Though a mountain looms large on the back of this Gramicci tee, this is the sort of thing you might find yourself wearing as you devour a posh pizza in an outdoor cafe this summer.
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Gramicci Sticky Frog T-Shirt
Frogs are weird. That’s why they look good on t-shirts, end of chat really.
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Gramicci Carabiner T-Shirt
No, it’s not a massive letter ‘D’, but a climbing carabiner, ubiquitous in that scene and potentially life saving. Putting it on a t-shirt celebrates its necessity in a big and bold way.
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