Six of the Best – Hand Luggage Choices

It’s the time of year to witness a rare but quintessentially British pastime – that of airport security arguments. You know the ones. “You’re not allowed that, they’ll stop you”/”No they won’t, they didn’t when I went to Benidorm last year”/”Mark my words they will”/”Stop whinging anyway”/”I’m not whinging, you are”.

Usually witnessed while queuing to place the contents of your hand luggage in a little tray so someone can x-ray it and presumably identify anything weird or undesirable. They make you take your shoes off sometimes, too. What a palaver. The last thing you need then, is more airport beef via hand luggage issues.

Here’s a few examples of solid hand luggage we reckon you’ll be alright taking through the scanners as you smirk at couples being nasty to each other.

Carhartt Jack Duffle Bag
We’ll start with the archetypal holdall, the type of luggage you can bet Carhartt will do as well as anyone else for the price.
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And Wander Sil Tote Bag
How nice is this, btw? Look at it. It looks like something an astronaut would use for his five-a-side gear.
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Parlez Clipper Tote Bag
Something a bit more austere from our friends in Bristol, here. A tote bag that looks like it’s very well made and will serve you well at the beach, if you’re going to the beach.
Grab one here

Gramicci Canvas Gear Tote Bag
Another tote, this time from perennial Proper faves Gramicci. This canvas bag will last you all year round, a workhorse if you will.
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Kavu Duroga Duffle Bag
This is a nice bag isn’t it? Can’t guarantee it’ll fit quite as nicely in the overhead locker as Ryanair would like, but look at that pattern.
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Gramicci Cordura Waist Hiking Bag
Another strong entry from Gramicci here, and it’s another bag that’ll work in a number of ways, whether it’s used for your 3 hour jaunt to Alicante or repurposed for your ill-advised walk around the city at the height of the heat.
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