Six of the Best – Headwear for Heatwaves

It’s rare for a week to go by right now without some clickbait news article appearing on one of our many social feeds proclaiming that we’re in for a heatwave at some point this year. Last year was crazy, like living in a massive open-air oven. Not that we’d complain.

One thing that has increasingly become a necessity in these times of climate change is a considered piece of headwear. Whether you’re the distinguished older type with thinning follicle distribution (yeah, you’re bald), or you just want to ensure you keep the sun out of your eyes, we’ve decided to select six smart pieces of headwear (hats basically) for you to consider ahead of the inevitable jump in degrees.

Carhartt WIP Marlin Cap
Carhartt? CoolHat, more like. This fishing-inspired titfer will alert onlookers to your imagined obsession with lines, hooks and rods. Just make sure if you’re not used to sitting on riverbanks you swot up on the terminology. Someone, somewhere might pull you and ask you about perch or something.
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Edwin Ripstop Bucket Hat
We’ve already covered the navy version of this elsewhere on the site, but it’s so smart, we feel compelled to alert you to the availability of this version too.
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Carhartt WIP Elway Bucket Hat
Now this is something to talk about. Not only does this bucket hat from perennial favourites Carhartt posses a drawstring to ensure it remains on your bonce in windy weather, it also has a little pocket to house your antihistamines or perhaps other pharmaceuticals you may require.
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adidas Adventure Cap
Something a little different from the outdoor lifestyle arm of adidas.
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Gramicci Shell Jet Cap in Tan
This hat from Gramicci has waterproof properties, so it’s ideal if you’re caught in a brief downpour or worse still, trapped in a festival crowd where liquids are being tossed around willy-nilly. You know how it gets.
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A.P.C Casquette Denim Cap
There’s always been something especially alluring about a denim cap, and in this APC effort is something that’s arguably the perfect shape.
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