Six of the Best – Homeware

Like it or not, we’re hurtling with increasing pace towards that time of the year when sitting indoors surrounded by loved ones and a nice ambience are important. With that in our heads, we thought we’d scout the web for some things we reckon will make your living area feel a bit cooler and a bit nicer.

General Admission Foot Incense Holder
Not just visually titivating, but also practical. Place your incense in this bowl with feet and sit back and enjoy the aroma. Not often people say that about bare feet.
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Snoopy Oak Toy
Snoopy enjoys an enduring rep as generally being a counter culture icon but this is something a little different. Stick it on a shelf in your living room and make the world a better place.
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Mr Maria Smiley Light
The Instagram lifestyle lads all have these and you have to say they look smart whether turned off or on.
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Carhartt WIP Mystery Rug
Rugs are all the rage, so much so we’ve covered this twice on here. Covered, lol.
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Double RL Patchwork Bear
A luxurious teddy bear, even one with loads of stitches, sitting on your sofa alongside you will help alleviate loneliness, much like a pet. You don’t have to feed this or look after the other stuff involved with animals.
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Studio Arhoj x Goodhood 15 Year Anniversary Shape Study – Earthy Glaze
Lol, these are smart aren’t they? They just look dead nice and are bound to enhance your home space a lot more than that Love, Live, Laugh framed effort you’ve been looking at.
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