Six of the Best – Knitted Cardigans

Cardigans are an acquired taste. Attracting admiration and stimulating scorn in equal measure, they’re a permanent fixture on the menswear landscape, whether you like it or not. We’re fans of a well-placed knit and there are some lovely ones out there. We put a few together in a handy list. Check them out.

Chamula Mix Heather Zipper Cardigan
From the same stable as Yuketen and Monitaly comes Chamula. Founder of Meg Company Yuki Matsuda found his travels in Mexico during the 1990s a real inspiration and he sought to preserve the artisan skills through Chamula.
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Beams Plus Alan Patchwork Cardigan at Garbstore
Paired with a pipe and slippers, your cool Grandad could wear this just as easily as that rugged bloke you always see walking his dog down the valley.
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Noah Shetland Wool Cardigan
Trust Noah to make something that looks like a futuristic tv interference pattern then apply it to a cardigan. Kurt Cobain wears one of these while sitting on a cloud strumming his guitar, knowingly.
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Corridor Cloud Cardigan
Made in Peru, predominantly from Alpaca wool. There’s little more that needs to be said, other than it looks like a psychedelic brick wall.
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Northern Fells Wool Waistcoat
Our mates in Cumbria know about wool and keeping correct for the outdoors. Their range of knitwear is unrivalled tbhwy, and this waistcoat effort is a nice variation on the cardigan.
Get it at Northern Fells, here

Burberry Danmore Mohair Wool Cardigan at End Clothing
If a bald man wore this, would it be a nohair in mohair? Sorry. </dadjoke>
Get it at End, here

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