Six of the Best – Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Can a t-shirt truly possess long sleeves? At what point does it become a lightweight sweatshirt? Who knows, or even cares? Not us. We’d rather just share some of the ones we’ve seen recently.

Gramicci Footprints LS Tee
One of the kings of the long sleeve t-shirt, Gramicci are back with more seasonal schmutter, including this delight, depicting feet. It’s a brand with sole. Lol.
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Kavu Strapcap Long Sleeve T-Shirt
The strapcap is a mainstay of Kavu’s offering and an absolutely intrinsic part of their story. It’s the icon on which the entire brand was founded, so it makes sense they’ve gone and put it on a t-shirt.
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Rayon Vert Wormholes Longsleeve T-Shirt
Another outdoor-themed brand that sits well in Outsiders Store, Rayon Vert’s website is like a trip back in time. Like when websites weren’t designed, but written in HTML code. Mad really. We’re here for it, obvs.
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Nike ACG Lungs Long Sleeve Shirt
No ACG range is complete without a long sleever.
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Hikerdelic Higher Than The Sun LS T-Shirt
Yeah, one of ours again, this. It’s been a nice seller, so much so we’re allowing it to stick around longer than originally planned.
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La Paz Duarte LS Tee
Lovely wash on this slightly maritime looking effort from Portugal’s La Paz
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