Six of the Best – Mountain Parkas

That archetypal four-pocket parka as seen in The Deerhunter will never get old. A few brands lay claim to being the originator of said sartorial icon (it’s Holubar, in case you’re wondering), but many, many more have since tried their luck at somehow improving it. Few have managed to fully perfect it, but as we hover our hands on the central heating ‘ON’ button, let’s first examine a little selection of six Mountain Parkas, each with their own merits.

Each of these are available from Oi Polloi

Battenwear Travel Shell Parka
A strong start to the list from a brand we have championed from the start, right back when they were known as Batten Sportswear. The faithful marriage of iconic U.S outdoor gear and Japanese attention to detail comes via Shinya and Carrie, whose reliable and well-made clothing deserves a home in every discerning ‘drobe.
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Fjallraven Greenland
While the mountain parka we have come to know and love undoubtedly originates in America, we look in the opposite direction for something arguably just as iconic. The Greenland was the first garment Ake Nordin put together once he’d perfected the backpack under his Fjallraven brand. It has barely changed since that first iteration which is a testament to its timelessness.
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Paul and Shark Field Jacket
Changing things up a tad, this slightly sailing influenced four pocket parka comes unsurprisingly from Paul and Shark. A cleaner cut and a less heritagey vibe features here. This is what Red Riding Hood’s Dad wears to the match.
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Gramicci Primeflex Tech Hoodie
A slight variation on the theme, this short version by Gramicci looks like a hybrid of parka and cagoule. Pockets placed perfectly in all the right areas, this is another example of the familiar silhouette, moved on a touch.
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Pilgrim Surf Supply Orson Parka
A slightly left-field entry here, but nonetheless a valid one. This take by U.S brand has all the hallmarks of a vintage Woolrich or one of the multitude of 1970s brands who followed in their wake. And yet it’s still pretty modern. Nice colour too.
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Holubar Deerhunter Parka
We couldn’t complete this list without a stern nod towards the original. Until Holubar began to reassert their authority on the outdoor clothing landscape, other brands nipped in and allowed it to be known they were the supplier of Bobby De Niro’s jacket in the famous Deerhunter movie, but the truth is, it was Holubar. You couldn’t get more close the the original source.
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