Six of the Best – New Jacket Releases

F/ce Performance Down Parka at Oi Polloi
Looking like something a lifeguard would wear to an FA Cup fourth round replay, this ticks numerous boxes for us. The mouthy amongst your group will request for help with their ticket, joking that you look like a steward. The fact he’s wearing the same old knackered overcoat and looks like he lives in a bin means the joke is on him, of course, but you play along anyway, safe in the knowledge you’re winning really.
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Nanga Men’s Aerial Down Parka at Outsiders
Nanga are everywhere at the moment, but not offensively so. Not content with making sweet wraper classics likethis for themselves, they’re collaborating with a number of different brands, bringing their story to a wider audience. The contrast colour hood wins this one extra bonus points.
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Vollebak Titan Fleece Jacket
This is the perfect embodiment of soft on the inside, hard on the outside. Sounds like an ad for a 1990s confectionary item. In fact, the outer layer is built from dyneema, which is used on body armour and tanks, and actually gets tougher in the cold. Inside, an ultrasoft thermal fleece (which is 3/4 recycled) keeps you feeling loved. This isn’t cheap but when you’re buying from Vollebak, you’re paying not just for a great garment but something with a genuine story to tell.
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Klattermusen Atle 2.0 Jacket
A contender every year, tbf, this Atle 2.0 Jacket is lightweight, considerately designed and comes in a colour that puts us in mind of Violet Beauregarde. Google it if you don’t know.
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Crescent Down Works x Fresh
We’ve covered this extensively elsewhere and technically it was released last year, but it remains relevant and available so why can’t we bend the rules a little? Answer is , we can. It’s our list. And this more than warrants a place.
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Ralph Lauren Rainer Jacket
Classic Americana in a colour that’s hard to describe. Is it khaki? Beige maybe? Light brown? With a tint of green?
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