Six of the Best – Nice Knitwear

As we all prepare for a winter of shivering, misery and poverty, what else can we do but look longingly at nice jumpers on the internet, then maybe invest in one to counteract two of the three emotions mentioned.

Howlin’ Birth of the Cool Sweater
In a colour called Tangerine Dream, this nice knit will make you around 14% more huggable, according to research from the National Institute of Cuddling.
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Patagonia Recycled Wool Sweater
When your Sunday football team arranges a Christmas jumper night out and you hate them for it, but don’t feel strongly enough to boycott.
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Anonymousism Mix Crew Neck
This jumper is a textbook case of ‘I want it, can’t have it, but will want it even more when it’s gone’.
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Universal Works Loose Crew
This trio of colours works well and also fits in with Fresh Turin’s believe that the best things come in threes. See their latest collaborations to understand that.
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Barbour Essential Pullover Cable Knit
No knitwear round-up would be complete without some serious cable knit action. Barbour bring their heritage to the table in abundance with this number.
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Lacoste Cotton Crew Neck Sweater
What a difference that little croc makes. What it stands for is nothing to do with big teeth, or wrestling Paul Hogan though. Lacoste is synonymous with the beast and through years of hard work and believing in themselves, Lacoste occupies a consistent European place in our table of Premier brands.
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