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With our mobile devices alive with notifications warning of an impending snowstorm, we here at Proper HQ are scouring the web for Black Friday/Cyber Monday bargains that’ll help us counteract the cold. We’ve picked out a handful of items you might like to consider as you do the same as us.

Cotopaxi Teca Fleece Headband
Not just the preserve of female runners during winter, but a unisex item designed for those times when you might work up a little sweat, despite the temperature.
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Elmer Teddy Deep Pile Mittens
If, like us you plan plenty of winter walks together with trips to terracing for unappetising EFL away trips, then Elmer are the ideal companion for your digits.
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Rumpl Original Puffy Poncho – Pyro Fade
Ok, so even the snappiest, most daring dresser down at the football ground wouldn’t dare wear this as his main winter warmer, but underneath a lighter weight anorak? Maybe. Maybe. The fact it’s in a colour called Pyro Fade is pretty apt. When will they accept pyro isn’t that bad btw? Ok, so being stuck in a low-roofed Non-League ground with the acrid aroma of celebration stopping you from breathing isn’t that pleasant but how do they manage in Turkey and that? Why can’t they just let us have nice things? In the absence of your smoke bombs this might be a nice alternative.
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YETI 14ox Rambler Mug
Any time spent outdoors when it’s cold necessitates not only the correct attire but the accoutrements to match. Yeti are here to help you with the latter. This mug will keep your warm Vimto temperate for long enough for you to consume it.
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Shetland Wool Co. Shaggy Knit Crew Neck Sweater
It’s all very well us sharing the weird and wonderful winter items with you, but let’s go back to basics. A lot of the challenges set by cold weather can be combated by a very good quality wool sweater. You only have to look at this to know it possesses all the qualities you want in such a garment.
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Snow Peak Field Coffee Maker
There can’t be many brands out there that sound as wintry as Snow Peak. It obviously follows that their name is apt, with all manner of clever yet cool items designed to enhance your outdoor experience. This Field Coffee Maker does what it says on the tin. Instant coffee out of a plastic flask has its place but if you want to make something gorgeous, you need one of these.
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