Six of the Best – Puffer Jackets

Bubble jackets, Puffers or even Puffa, you know the ones. In the UK, most of the time you wear these they’re hanging open to ensure you’re not cooked like a Christmas turkey. It’s enough to know that if there was a serious chill, you’d be seriously covered. We’re also about to enter a spell where people of a certain nature choose to sit outdoors for almost 2 hours, that’s right, lower league football fans. With the World Cup at the opposite end of the temperature scale and no top flight togger ongoing, the legions of Leagues 1 and 2 inhabitants are gonna need something they can zip up when the second half hits and they start going “Cold innit” to people who they’ve been on nodding terms with for years but know very little about. Football as it was intended to be.

With all of this in our minds, here are six chunky jackets that’ll do the job outlined above.

Nanga x Gramicci UL Portable Down Zip Parka
This one is top of the lift for a reason. It’s like something a gas fitter would wear to climb Ben Nevis. Look at it, sheet comfort and everything you want from a modern puffer parka.
Increase your huggability here

Berghaus Fawdon Down Jacket at Oi Polloi
This padded puffer looks so sturdy you could probably use it to line the walls of a soft play area. And the fact it’s Berghaus means not only does it look good, it definitely works too.
Get it here

Stone Island Nylon Metal Down Jacket at Aphrodite
Seen those mission to mars feeds? Everything looks like something from Total Recall or the Fifth Element, as does this jacket. If you buy this you get a free flying car/lobotomy with you. You don’t really.
Grab yours here

Goldwin Gore-Tex Infinium Fly Air Down Parka
One of those brands that has crept confidently into the pantheon of parkas in the last couple of years. Understated and reliable.
Yards have it here

Moncler Grenoble Camurac Short Down Jacket at Pockets
If you’ve a yearning to show how much you’re earning, Moncler is the one for you. It’s not cheap but generally speaking, the most expensive things are priced as such for a reason. Moncler make good coats, basically.
Get it here

Gramicci by F/CE. insulation jacket
This looks like something John J Rambo would wear for Bonfire Night. Naturally he’d be in charge of the explosions. It’s also a step up from the impromptu coat he fashioned from a piece of carpet (or something?) in First Blood. Have you seen it? Good film. He rides a stolen motorbike up a mountain and then someone falls out of a helicopter. Anyway, have a good weekend.
Get it at Gramicci’s website here

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