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This was originally going to be called ‘waterproof outerwear’ but it turns out ‘waterproof’ is pretty ambiguous and dependent entirely on how persistent the precipitation actually is. Some jackets will serve you admirably in light showers without yielding to outside moisture, while others will protect you in the face of severe storms. It seems like a fine balance between keeping the rain out and remaining breathable, hence, we suspect, the popularity of fabrics like Gore-Tex. They somehow release moisture from your body, allowing you not to end up like a boil-in-the-bag man, while ensuring rainy days remain dry on the inside.

I went to the Berghaus design HQ a few years ago and they had this machine that tested how waterproof things were. At the time I just thought things were waterproof or not waterproof. I didn’t realise there was a scale. But there definitely is. Anyway, below is a list of outerwear that will – to varying degrees – keep away invasive wetness as the weather begins to have a big game of autumn.

CAYL at Outsiders Store
CAYL is an acronym for Climb As You Love and it comes from Korea. It’s been on these shores for a few years now. This lightweight effort will deter the drizzle without baking you.
Peep a closer look here

Berghaus at Oi Polloi
If there’s one brand that feels ready for anything the British climate can throw at your, while still keeping a hand in looking actually really smart, it’s Berghaus.
Oi Polloi have it here

Patagonia at Yards
Few brands can compete with Patagonia when it comes to pound for pound value, brand credibility and generally looking pretty smart.
Yards have a good selection here

7L at 7L
Owner Jamie Lundy is passionate about everything this brand does, as you’ll know if you’ve read our latest issue. This jacket is no exception.
Link yourself up here

Gramicci at Gramicci
Known chiefly for their trousers, Gramicci have long since proved themselves adept at other areas. This Pertex piece demonstrates this.
Take a look

Tretorn at Nordic Outdoor
As mentioned in the opening paragraph, there’s rainwear then there’s RAINWEAR. This is the latter. Not only will it keep out water ingress for your upper body it’ll do so for your lower half too. It’s a full suit that will keep your dry yet cool.
Nordic Outdoor have them

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