Six of the Best – Reassuringly Expensive Archival Outerwear

Whenever we put together these product round-ups we try to curate (yes, curate) a selection that has a bit of something for everyone. This includes stuff that is at the affordable end of the market, usually, but as any skint male of a certain age knows, you really do get what you pay for and as such, the centrepiece of any outfit (the outerwear) does tend to come in a bit spenny as the youngsters say. Sometimes, it’s best to just acknowledge this, appreciate the work, the craftsmanship and the sheer gravitas of seriously serious winter jackets.

Here’s our own little selection. Get that piggy bank emptied and pray your accumulator comes good this weekend.

The Real McCoy’s Cotton/Nylon Hooded Down Jacket Olive
Arguably the finest Americana reproduction brand from Japan, the Real McCoy’s painstakingly recreate and update original garments for the modern day offering the best from the past, replicated to perfection without compromise in Japan. This example takes inspiration from a piece which was custom made for some American climbers heading for K2.
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Soundman Lex Smock Jacket Grey
The Lex Smock Jacket from Soundman takes inspiration from 1950’s British Military Army Cadet Smocks and Mountain Smocks of the same era. This who repro thing is taken so seriously and its testament to the timelessness of the original designs.
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Gold Ventile Military Parka Navy
Gold by Toyo Enterprise is another Japanese label under which a collection of vintage inspired garments is released, yet it’s also a manufacturer that has helped develop some of the leading names in this particular scene.
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Anatomica x Wakouwa Nylon Parka Peach
Redefining classic Americana style through both their European and Japanese lenses, Anatomica gets granualar in its quest to adapt archival styles to suit the modern lifestyle. In this case, using a fetching pink hue.
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Soundman Raphael II Jacket Mustard
Japanese brand Soundman has been around for just over 20years, making heritage-inspired garments with a faithful eye and uncompromising levels of quality. The ‘Raphael II’ takes inspiration from 60’s American outdoor clothing as well as British made anoraks from companies like Black’s of Greenock and 60’s Cadet Smocks. 
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Allevol ‘Pat’ Duffle Coat Olive
As the name suggests, the Postman ‘Pat’ Duffle Coat from Allevol is inspired by a style issued to workers for the General Post Office (GPO) in the early 1960’s in the UK. Why try and make something new when your ancestors already cracked it, and managed to deliver loads of mail at the same time? 
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