Six of the Best – Seasonal Outerwear

It’s our duty to bring you a selection of suave seasonal items, but it can sometimes be difficult to avoid mentioning the weather every five minutes. We won’t harp on about the forecast or the fact you need to think about the appropriate time to wear bright yellow clothing. You know the answers yourself. So yeah, just continue scrolling and see which items of outerwear we’ve decided to shine a sometimes very bright light on this week.

Belstaff Garment Dyed Ripstop Rail Overshirt
The overshirt is a unique item every wardrobe should have a home for. In summer it acts as an optional jacket when the wind whips up or you want to ensure onlookers aren’t made fully aware of how much flab you’ve accumulated over winter. Yet in winter itself it acts as an additional layer of security to keep out any pesky cold. As a result, it ends up being good value and wearable all year round. This shade of yellowy green isn’t the bright Sunny Delight yellow you’d associate with summer but more muted. You like that sort of thing, don’t you?
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Stone Island Shadow Project Nylon Econyl Waffle Print Jacket – Butter
Though this is definitely a shade of yellow, it’s suitably subdued, which isn’t an observation you’d normally level at Stone Island. But then, this isn’t simply Stone Island, it’s Stone Island Shadow Project. Now you’re interested, aren’t you? The colour employed here is referred to as ‘Butter’. Get some cash invested in one of these or you’ll only end up feeling salty. Sorry, that was a poor pun.
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Columbia Men’s Back Bowl Fleece Lightweight
If you want to remain mellow, then a yellow fleece keeps the sunshine hues alive when the sun goes in.
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Patagonia Reversible Shelled Microdini Jacket – Surfboard Yellow
The concept of ‘Two for One’ can sometimes appear cheap, but in the case of a reversible jacket it couldn’t be anything like it.
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Anatomica x Wakouwa Nylon Parka Lemon
We’ve covered this already, in pink but to be honest this one is better. Zesty, lemony and mildly acidic.
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Montbell Men’s Rain Trekker Jacket
Traditionally, technical outerwear made for harsh conditions was purposely brightly coloured, mainly to help the wearer stand out in the dull rural landscape. This number is suitably sunshiney for those wet summer days atop the hills.
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