Six of the Best – Seasonal Sweatshirts

It’s that time of the year for us to begin articles with the words “It’s that time of the year…”

So yeah, it actually is that time of the year when we begin wistfully looking back at the summer, as if it’s some distant sepia-tinged memory of great times, getting a little bit sad before resolving to look forward to autumn.

With that in mind, layering, new clothing drops and generally feeling a little bit more comfy is the order of the day, and it is this state of mind that has inspired us to put together six sweatshirts to see in the new season.

Aime Leon Dore at Aime Leon Dore
Predictable, relaxed luxury from the U.S brand that sounds like something a Mancunian mother would should after her kids as they hastily depart for school without regard for security. “Amy! Leon! Dooor!”
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Universal Works at Wellgosh
Looking like something Sir Alf Ramsay would have worn to do some weeding in, before heading to his local for a swift half, this Universal Works half zip sweatshirt ticks more boxes than a market researcher.
Get it at Wellgosh here.

YMC at Oi Polloi
Soft to the touch, loopback, soft yet substantial. This is what YMC do best in our very honest opinions (IOVHO).
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Sunspel at Yards
In ancient Esperanto, Sunspel means Wardrobe Staple. It doesn’t really. It could though, because their understated reliable form of luxury clothing would warrant it.
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Colourful Standard at Urban Excess
Garment dyed, oversized, tightly woven. Yep it’s hitting all the right notes, this.
Get it in lovely Pine Green here

Good Measure at Good Measure
These lads make sweatshirts so good, that Sir Alan Sweatshirt of Sweatshirtville, Sweatshirt County won’t wear anything else. And he knows about Sweatshirts.
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