Six of the Best – Short Sleeve Shirts for Summer

Some short sleeve shirts can sometimes invoke memories of 1980s darts guys, especially when worn by those of us who like chips. But more and more of late, their presence on the menswear landscape has become notable, so for that reason we thought we’d show you a few we like.

NN07 Julio Embroidery Shirt
Look at this, lovely embroidered on the arm and pocket. Ideal for your wandering around on holiday.
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Carhartt WIP Relaxed Fit Short Short Lumen Shirt
Specifically summery. Nice, this.
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Duke Kahanamoku Special Edition ‘Hawaiian Village’ Hawaiian Shirt Brown
Pricey but pretty.
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Post Overalls Navy Cut S/S Seersucker Olive
A personal fave, this. The quality is in the detail and the fact it’s not got a full placket makes it all the more appealing for those with increasing girth.
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Kavu Excellent Adventure Shirt
What a fun item.
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And Wander x Maison Kitsun̩ Hiking Shirt РYellow
Smart technical vibes from a brand that knows.
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Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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