Six of the Best – Sling Bags

If you’re one of those geeky types who notices little trends here and there, while out and about, you’ll already be on these. This sort of luggage has been done by a few brands, with a fair bit of variation. We thought we’d show a bit of love to some of our favourites anyway.

ARC Hey Sling Bag
Do people still use the word ‘metrosexual’? I can’t keep up. Basically it’s a bag that your Dad would assume is for a woman but you’re a man, with a beard and everything, and you like it.
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Gramicci Cordura Sling Bag
Suitable for climbing hills or ascending the stairs of your local high-rise, this smartly-shaped bag from Gramicci is ideal for your summer adventures.
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Hikerdelic x Elliker Keser Slingbag
Sorry not sorry for sharing this perfect purple piece of lovely luggage. Look at it. Divine.
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Patagonia Ultralight Black Hole Sling – Black
Name any piece of outdoor equipment and you can bet Patagonia have a really good, solid version of it. This is one of those.
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Klättermusen Fimmafäng 4.0 Lumbarpack
A personal fave on account of having occupied my waist on a trip to Sweden several years ago. Its name suggests a kids tv character too, which is never a bad thing.
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Osprey Daylite Sling
Get a load of this attractive accoutrement. The swirly pattern ensures this ostensibly functional piece retains a bit of personality, meaning it’s suitable for maternity leave mothers or adventurous fathers. Or people who aren’t parents at all, tbh.
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