Six of the Best – Smart Shorts for Summer

Three consecutive days of summer sun can only mean one thing – shorts. I mean, it can mean many other things too. Sunburn, soleros, squinting and several other things not necessarily beginning with a ‘s’. But for the purposes of this article, let’s just say shorts, shall we?

We’ve chosen six pairs that are suitable not for swimming or even lounging on the sand. These are more fitting for your late night socialising in those places where the heat never fully goes away. They’re also good for that day on holiday when you say “Shall we swerve the pool and beach today, get a bit of culture?” then head to the Carrefour to marvel at the cheeses.

Naturally, we’ve started with a pair of our own shorts. We don’t plug Hikerdelic that much on here because let’s face it, if we did you’d just go “Well you would say they’re good, wouldn’t you?”

The fact we’ve started with these will hopefully show you we genuinely are proud of the chino shorts we’ve created. Read on for more.

Regular fitting, formal yet casual, minimal branding, short but not too short, long but not too long. Yep, we reckon we’ve got these right first time.
Get them here

Already somewhat depleted in stock, these towelling shorts ooze comfort, which is a nice thing to ooze in summer isn’t it? Better than some of the things you could ooze.
Get from Oi Polloi

NYC’s Corridor make nice things. Considered comfort, cool and casual. One day I’ll write a post without alliteration in it. This isn’t that.
Get from here

Not normally associated with smartness, Patagonia is for doing things in. It just so happens the things you do in these generally involve a lot of sitting down. Nothing wrong with that.
Get from Wellgosh here

Ralph Lauren
White shorts require a certain something to pull off. You have that certain something. No, really you do.
Aphrodite have them here

Albam have made a name for themselves by bringing out clothing that is versatile, smart, well-made and attractively priced. Guess what, these shorts are all of the above.
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