Six of the Best – Summer Sandals

We’re as obsessed with the weather as much as the next man, woman or child. It’s in the British DNA, we reckon. In fact, for an island nation that has formed its culture through a vast kaleidoscope of outside influences over many centuries, it’s probably the only thing in our DNA. We live in a country in which the banana was exotic just a couple of generations ago. Anyway, this obsession with all things meteorological naturally leads us to think about how suitably attired we are.

The average British male channels their inner toddler when the sun comes out. His ill-fitting slogan t-shirt, 3/4 length shorts are neither one thing nor the other, while their footwear is often just offensive. We’re here to tell them off, and suggest solutions to them looking like their Nanna has dressed them for a birthday party.

Let’s start with some sandals, shall we? We’ve chosen six of the best.

Probably the king of such things, Birkenstock made socks and sandals acceptable in our eyes and for that their inclusion in this list is guaranteed.
Available at Oi Polloi

Flower Mountain x YMC Nazca Sandals
Two brands we have a lot of time for have locked horns and come up with something the Predator would wear at Butlins Minehead. And that is a good thing.
Yards have them

Merrell1trl Hydro-Moc
Your actual Dad would laugh at you for wearing these and that, in a nutshell, should be all the motivation you need to get a pair.
Get yours here

Chaco x Outsiders
These look absolutely ideal for guarding the barbecue in. Anyone tries to tell you to turn the heat down, they get a flash of these across their shins. The footwear equivalent to a rubber baton. Don’t mess with a man’s barbecue.
Get them here

Like something Robocop would create if he was deployed to the mean streets of Magaluf.
Purchase a pair here

KEEN Uneek
We might have saved the best till last. KEEN occupies pole position in our pantheon of summer footwear. Still not sure what a pantheon is but it sounds right doesn’t it?
Get them direct from KEEN here

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