Six of the Best – Slightly Scary Style

Dogs don’t die in hot cars, but goths do. Please bear this in mind while visiting shopping centres this summer. We joke, but spooky steez that comes with a sprinkling of the supernatural seems to be a bit of a thing in streetwear right now. It’s actually less goth, more heavy metal tbf. The kind of clothing that kid who had loads of tantrums in school wore before he decided to start getting a proper haircut and shaved his neck, then got a tattoo on it. He’s kind of cool now he’s got the dosage right on his meds. He wears this stuff.

Nancy Realms T-Shirt
Skulls will always be cool.
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Fucking Awesome Skeleton T-Shirt
This may be reminiscent of that scene in Karate Kid where he get battered by the lad with the blonde hair, but that won’t happen to you if you wear this.
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Heresy Findings T-Shirt
This is a bit more folklore, with a sprinkling of mythology. A nice wash on it too, t-shirt manufacturing fans.
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Goodhood x Weird Walk T-Shirt
Bang on, black on white so less doom-laden than the reverse, the people from Weird Walk have teamed up with kindred spirits at Goodhood to make something you really do need as you step into spring.
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Magic Castles Shake the Mind T-Shirt
Another that shuns the slightly terrifying depiction of bones and echoes of death and instead focuses on life, specifically the mind.
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Gentle Fullness Gentle T-Shirt
Let’s end on something slightly terrifying. No idea what’s going on here but it looks like something a murderer would wear and for that reason alone, it makes the list.
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Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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