Six of the Best – T-Shirts from Workwear Brands

What is workwear in 2023? Best not to ask. Actually no, let’s ask. And answer the question ourselves. The old gear worn by Gold Prospectors in the Old West has endured to today, which is testament to its hard-wearing nature and also its general stylishness. When we consider workwear we can easily find ourselves disappearing down a duck canvas rabbit hole, but today it means something more subtle.

Brands like Carhartt, Dickies and Stan Ray are leading the way in redefining what workwear means. A wander around any progressive city will see brands like these being proudly worn by the city’s creatives as they pour coffee, design websites, cut hair or hang around skateboard shops looking self conscious.

As with any brand, the t-shirt is a perfect brand carrier and these workwear brands are particularly adept at making tees that are both commercial and cool. Affordable too. With that in mind we thought we’d take a look at Eqvvs and their workwear t-shirt offering. Here’s some we liked and felt duty bound to share.

Carhartt WIP Built from Scratch T-Shirt
Whoever does t-shirts for Carhartt deserves a big pat on the back, ironically for their excellent application of big prints on the back. This smart effort comes in a couple of colours but this hue named ‘Violanda’ is our fave.
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Carhartt WIP Lifeguards T-Shirt
This tee features a dolphin, depicted on its way to safe an ailing swimmer, probably. Anything with a dolphin on it is fine by us, they’re always smiling. Having said that, they’re not quite as intelligent as the experts would have you believe. Supposedly more intelligent than humans they are! When was the last time you read a book written by a dolphin? Well then. Get the t-shirt instead.
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Dickies Relaxed Fit Oatfield T-Shirt
Pitched a little more competitively priced in comparison to its contemporaries, Dickies make hard-wearing gear, and it’s nothing to do with that stuff your brother in law wears to lay carpets. This is smart stuff, and the t-shirt in question comes in three colours. Scroll through to see we’re not lying.
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Dickies Relaxed Fit Beavertown T-Shirt
Using the big stitch technique seen on more expensive brands, this Beavertown tee from Dickies employs a front chest branding in dead centre of the tee. It’s a refreshing change from the back print/left chest combo or the plain old front chest print. Accordingly it’s a few quid more expensive when compared to Dickies other offerings but you get what you pay for, pal.
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Stan Ray Service with a Smile T-Shirt
A relative newcomer to the shelves of more fashionable stores, Stan Ray has actually been around since 1972. Founded in Texas, it has history for workwear and military clothing, and it’s that heritage that informs their designs today. This summery tee is pretty clever, look, the S is a road.
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Stan Ray World Peace T-Shirt
Featuring a message we can all get behind, this black version uses a contrasting white print to make the sentiment come through loud and clear. It’s another winning design from a brand that is increasing in popularity, and for good reason.
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