Six of the Best – Top Totes for Trips and Travel

The carrier bag is on the verge of extinction, or so it seems. In its stead comes the trusty tote, the type of sturdy alternative that doesn’t cost the earth. We’ve put together a few we quite like the look of. Whether you’re popping to the shops for some Coco-Pops or going for a walk on the wild side (whatever that means), a tote is a handy companion.

Purple Mountain Observatory Ripstop Camping Tote
Straight into it, this ripstop effort from PMO is pretty affordable, looks nice and is sure to function well. Like a really dusty carpet, or perhaps a stubborn drumskin, it’ll take some beating.
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Battenwear Packable Tote
Battenwear founder Shinya liked luggage so much, he married someone called Carrie. Which is almost Carry. Presumably in tribute to this, he created a really great range of packable, lightweight yet robust tote bags a few years back. They were so popular they have remained a mainstay for the brand. We don’t have favourites really, but if we did, this would be it.
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Kavu Tote it All Bag
Kavu was born of the U.S outdoors, which gives it a reason to create a practical bag such as this. The fact it somehow comprises of fleece and corduroy is almost too much to contend with.
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Gramicci Shell Tote
Another brand with outdoor credentials is Gramicci. The originators of those trousers with room for substantial willy wiggle, it’s no surprise they make nice, reliable bags too.
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Carhartt Canvas Tote Bag
This list without Carhartt wouldn’t be particular believable now would it. That brand is everywhere these days and there’s a reason for that.
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Kl├Ąttermusen Gebo Bag
That thing about the Battenwear bag being the fave? Yeah, hold that thought, at least for a moment while we consider this beautiful contribution from the Swedish climbing mouse that is Kl├Ąttermusen.
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