Six of the Best – Top Trainers for Everyday Wear

With the whole sneaker thing now an established race to get the rarest and most sought after releases, what happens to the reliable everyday trainers that do the donkey work? What about the stuff that isn’t ultra-limited but just as nice? We’ve put a little list together of trainers we like, that you can actually buy without robbing the local Post Office to afford.

Nike Air Max 1 ’87 Sneaker
A subtle alternative to the original Air Max 1 release, as their name suggests, the forerunner (no pun intended) for these first saw the light of day in 1987, which now feels like ages ago.
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Salomon S LAB XT-6 Sneaker
There was a time not that long ago when a shoe so complicated-looking would have been a turn off, but we’re through the looking glass, here. Salomon is cool now, kids. Look.
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Puma Clyde Vintage Sneaker
Reputedly the first sports shoe to have an athlete endorse it, way before Big Mick Jordan lent his moniker to Nike.
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New Balance MIUK 991 Sneaker
The world is now choc-full of shoes like this and the 991’s popularity is understandable. Still, this colour is more choc-ice than choc-full isn’t it. Cool.
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Vans UA Authentic 44 DX Sneakers
These look like the luxury sneakers the Ninja Turtles wear to skate in. Not a lot else to say about a shoe that is generally accepted as a timeless, uncomplicated classic.n
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Asics Gel-nyc Sneaker
On the coat-tails of various other running shoes sprinting to popularity, Asics Gel is a shoe that has always quietly gone about its business, regardless of trends. It just so happens that it’s having a little moment in the sun.
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