Six of the Best – Rugby Shirts for not playing rugby in

It may come as no surprise to hear we’re not really huge rugby fans here at Proper. Nobody cares much for the game and one of us (ok, me) actively dislikes it. But the fly in the ointment that is peanut hugging is their heritage sporting items can sometimes make us swoon.

The appropriation rugby shirts of yer man at Patagonia, having visited the UK is well documented, but basically he came over here in the 60s, like the hard wearing rugby shirts of brands like Umbro, so introduced them to the U.S with a new function, that of climbing. The rest is history.

Though they dip in and out of fashion, they still possess a timeless style few other garments can hold a candle to. Here are six we found on our travels around the cyberstores of the interweb.

Ralph Lauren Stripe Rugby Sweatshirt
Representing the Ivy League appreciation for a very British garment is big Ralph Lifschitz, aka Ralph Lauren. Every range he does seems to have these garments at the forefront.
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Noah Classic Rugby Shirt
Using a renowned factory in North America, Noah are consistent in their love for this type of garment. This version looks like something Aaron Winter would wear to a Sunday dinner at his in-laws. Because it’s got a Dutch flag thing going on you see. And that was the first name that sprung to mind. No other reason.
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Trickett Rugby Shirt
In the UK, few brands are doing things to steadfastly please themselves more than Trickett. Whether it’s their admiration for a football team in Italy or mad, niche items made in the UK, they’ve definitely got their own way of doing things, as this pink rugby shirt demonstrates.
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Patagonia Men’s Midnight Rugby Shirt
Not a million miles away from the iconic rugby shirt popularised by Patagonia, this blue stripey number is as timeless as a broken Casio.
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Adsum Rugby Shirt
Adsum’s classy sportswear has long been a favourite in our place, and this only enhances that.
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Story mfg. Climber Rugby Shirt
Another UK version of the classic rugby shirt comes from Story mfg, who – like Trickett – have twisted the received wisdom that rugby is a masculine sport and gone all ‘My Little Pony’ with their colourway. We’re very much here for it.
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