Slip-on style from Oakley via Brain Dead

Two brands that sit in a big metaphorical file on our desk marked ‘Relevant’ have come up with a new project, just as UK summertime begins to take its shoes off and get comfy.

Set to release on 11th July, this footwear project uses ai-style imagery to showcase the curiously shaped shoes. Entitled the Paguro Capsule Collection this brand-new silhouette is the first-of-its-kind to be calibrated and developed deep in the Oakley Factory Team Labs. 

Coming in colours called Hummus, Toadstool and Coffee, there’s the usual irreverent narrative alongside a more serious one, which sees the shoe mix two types of EVA to bring both comfort and strength to this mule-style shoe.

Whether you’re ready to don a pair at the pub or you’re about to nod and just say ‘nice idea’ without having the balls to wear them, it’s another interesting boundary shove from two brands doing stuff others will inevitably copy.

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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