Smarten Up Your Summer – Weekend Away Wardrobe Essentials

It’s a tricky time of year to dress for, and that isn’t even accounting for the madness that surrounds us in the form of a pandemic. We’ve had a nose around various internet sources, deep cleaned our inbox for relevant press releases and generally had a good look at the type of items you might need on a welcome weekend away in the UK.

Nobody say staycation.

More widely-known for their signature shoe, the Pampa, Palladium have decided they’ve got enough shoemaking heritage to start dipping a toe into other styles. These sandals will appeal to the animal lovers, since they’re Peta-approved, fully Vegan. If this stealthy black ain’t your bag, they do them in several other colours.

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Cool Canadians Nobis naturally know about nasty weather. To remedy any potential posers set by meteorological conditions, they’ve created the reassuringly expensive Huron Anorak. Elasticated, extendable and comfortable, this weather resistant Taffeta Nylon pullover jacket will see you right when the wind whips up and the rain turns up in a bad mood.

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As those notorious wearers of caps, PJ and Duncan once (almost) cried “Let’s get really autumnal”. This headpiece (I’m calling them headpieces from now on) has that luxury of corduroy but employed in a way that’s not at all stuffy. A cord cap is defo in ‘can’t go wrong’ territory.

Get this from Bhode.

The word trousers can conjure up images of school slacks or other formal legwear. But casual Copenhagen brand Norse Projects have no time for such convention. Their reliable, minimally branded collection has an air of confidence that you can’t help but carry with you when you wear their gear. These comfortable sweatpants will keep your comfort levels at a premium without ever leaving you short.

Procure a pair from Norse Projects.

Many brands have done their take on the marl sock, but few can conjure up as fire a concoction as this. Corridor have made the hosiery equivalent of arson, here. Makes sense really, they’ll keep your feet warm.

Treat your feet by buying these from Corridor.

While perusing Corridor’s website, it was hard to turn away from this appealing stripey number. It looks like it’s made out confectionary collected from a care home and for that reason, we’re very much here for it.

Get tee’d up at Corridor.

You’ll be needing more than one t-shirt if you’re planning anything remotely taxing. This from Universal Works and La Paz channels the ocean.

You can get this from a few places but we’re mates with Fresh, so buy it there.

Should the weather render the aforementioned Nobis jacket redundant, this Uskees cotton effort has comfort dripping from its every orifice. Your wardrobe needs one of these, and that’s why you’re going to click here to buy one from Uskees.

Should your feet take against the Corridor socks above, why not elect to acquaint them with a brand they can trust. Burlington’s argyle socks have a place in every wardrobe, whether your estate is country or council. So many to choose from, not enough feet.

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Stay surefooted by encasing your feet in these Danner Jag boots, a brand that knows its way around dales and trails.

The ubiquitous Kanken backpack has given rise to an entire range, of which this hip pack in arctic green is part. You’ll need this for quick access to your camera phone, sun cream and maybe a nutritious snack. Get it from Yards.

That rounds it up. Glad we didn’t say staycation.


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