Snow Peak Rain and Wind Suit

I had to take my rain-sodden jeans off this morning and hang them up to dry. I was only in the open for about 7 minutes but that was long enough to leave me wetter than an otter’s pocket. No, not that.

Once I’d dried my kecks, socks and trainers (Saucony x Penfield, in case you were wondering), I set about finding a remedy for this situation and naturally I followed my nose to Oi Polloi. Within mere moments I had found the cure for my Mancunian moisture problems. Snow Peak. Which is also a bit weird because as I traversed Stockport viaduct on a Northern Rail train a couple of hours ago the peaks were distinctly snowy. It’s meant to be.

Ok, so I’d look a little bit like a futuristicĀ forensics guy, but I might want to look a little bit like a futuristic forensics guy, what’s it to you? (I don’t).

Anyway, it’d shield me from wind and rain and right now, that sounds like a concoction I could well do with.

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SnowPeak-210416-01-02 SnowPeak-210416-07-03_a50fb055-d4e3-479a-a968-5455dcd2f35f

Mark Smith

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