‘So Last Season’ – 66°North Kría Capsule

Although we’re heading into a warmer spell, it’s always cold somewhere in the world, including here in the UK. In answer to this, Iceland’s iconic 66°North brand have repurposed some leftover Polartec fleeces from last year’s releases. This new project, named the Kria Collection takes a 1990s influence and combines it with a modern day consciousness of circularity and wasting as little as possible.

Scratch the surface of Icelandic history and you’ll see that sometimes harsh weather conditions and barren landscape make them arguably the most resourceful nation of all, so this latest development is very much in keeping with their mentality anyway.

Every product in the capsule is produced in 66°North’s own factory in Latvia, and includes Polartec Thermal Pro fleece pieces – a half-zip jumper, vest and jackets – all featuring the iconic Kría bird that was first designed in the ‘90s.

Available now on, in-store 5th May.

Mark Smith

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