Something a little different, from infaant

We don’t usually write about kids gear, until now…

As we all take steps to ensure the planet remains in some sort of decent state for the next generation, perhaps it makes sense to also look at the legacy of clothing and design we leave for them. Traditionally, the kid’s clothing game hasn’t really crossed over with its adult counterpart, with a few notable exceptions.

infaant wants to change that, bringing years of industry learnings to a kid’s clothing brand for the adults of tomorrow. The world hasn’t been the easiest place to inhabit over the last couple of years, but while our heads drop a little, kid’s remain robust, just as inquisitive as they ever were, expressing wonder at the world around them and generally raising our spirits.

In this first look at the collection, infaant’s minimalist tonal series is countered with the striking print-focussed ‘infaant by Passarella’ collaboration range, which draws you in with compelling themes designed to provoke discussion, like climate change. Poignant and understandable visuals that tell a brutal story of how human actions have a devastating impact on the habitats and existence of some of the world’s most precious creatures. Visual language that’ll appeal to kids and make them ask questions is present and in a careful way, encourage them to take on board an understanding of the world around them.

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