Sørensen Convertible Bags

Form follows function, apparently. Usually that means an uncompromising design which is built with a specific purpose in mind. This is 2016 though, and typically it’s the Danish who are showing us the way forward. This Convertible bag from Copenhagen’s Sørensen ticks more boxes than a passport office administrator.

Whether you need a duffle bag to carry big volume or a day pack style affair for your commute, this will do the job effortlessly. This morning I returned to the gym and while my plan was to leave there and come straight to work, I couldn’t because my bag didn’t hold all I needed. A Sørensen bag would, I reckon.

I went to Copenhagen once, well the airport. It seemed nice. I must go back. If I do, the good news is this bag is not only about being all things to all people, but it’ll fit as carry on luggage rather than you having to hang around for about 3 weeks as the baggage carousel turns in that painfully slow way it does.

I need one. See more here.

Sørensen-convertible-bag-animation-showing-the-convertion-from-duffle-bag-onto-a-backpack Sørensen-convertible-bag-showing-how-to-use-the-middle-handle Sørensen-convertible-bag-showing-how-to-use-the-top-handle

Mark Smith

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