Spiewak Golden Fleece SS15

Oh Lord. These jackets look like they’re from the future, because frankly, they are from the future. Spring 2015 to be precise.

Not content with bringing out the coolest Acid Camo jacket of the year, Spiewak have only gone and followed up with something arguably better. Their Golden Fleece range looks amazing to my contact lens-clad eyes and when I spottedĀ their forthcoming collection it made me rock back into my chair, fold my arms and laugh maniacally. It’s that nice.

Like something the Invisible Man would wear to go paintballing in, like something him off Tron would wear if he joined the TA, or like something I’d wear if only I could afford it. But then you pay for quality don’t you? It’s Engineered Garments territory, this gear. Don’t tell anyone.

You’ll have to follow your nose to get hold of one of these. I’m not telling you where you can get one because it might mean you get it before me. Can’t be having that.

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Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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  1. nick edwin

    Hey Mark, these jackets just dropped at a few shops this month. The reflective digi camo jacket also reminds me of stone island, but with the same or better quality for half the price. Will be grabbing one for sure.

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